Home Guide: Creating Your Own Zen Zone

From the scent that takes you to a place far, far away, to the luxe throw that embodies comfort, now is the time to slow things down just a little, so you can zone in and unwind. Happy shopping at Eastgate.

Home Fragrance Oil Salted Caramel & Vanilla

Available from The Body Shop

Shop Number: U159A | Tel: 011 615 0765

Terazzo Waxfill Candle

Available from Mr Price Home

Shop Number: U102 | Tel: 011 616 1843

Bedroom Cushion Bolster Velvet (60 x 20cm)

Available from @Home

Shop Number: L10B/C | Tel: 011 621 8958/9

Blue Iridescent Vase

Available from Balcombs

Shop Number: L6HH | Tel: 011 616 7070/2

Ocean Mist Diffuser

Available from Sheet Street

Shop Number: U77B/78 | Tel: 011 615 4754

Reid Throw

Available from Coricroft

Shop Number: L73-74 | Tel: 011 615 2085

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