Give your body a fitness boost with a tummy-toning dance class at Virgin Active Eastgate. These conditioning classes have been designed to offer effective workouts while having fun. So, get those dancing shoes laced-up and get moving!

Just Dance

If traditional cardio workouts just aren’t your idea of a good time, check out Just Dance classes at Virgin Active Eastgate. This tone and condition workout is geared towards improving your strength, stamina and endurance without you even noticing it. Burning up to 400 calories per session while having the time of your life, Just Dance classes aren’t only great for your body, but your mind as well. Dance has been proven to reduce stress, as it acts as a creative outlet, helping you work up a sweat which releases those ‘happy’ post-workout endorphins. 

Find out more about Just Dance classes at Virgin Active Eastgate here


Dance is a high-impact sport. However, your workouts at Virgin Active Eastgate need not be so hardcore. For a combination of high-intensity strength training and low impact aerobics, pop into a Move class at Virgin Active. You will get all the benefits of a HIIT workout such as core toning, flexibility and endurance from this fun dance class, without any of the added strain on your spine, muscles or joints. 

Find out more about Move classes here. 


Can you believe that Zumba has been around since the 1990s? Created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Pérez, this is one of the most popular dance classes offered at Virgin Active Eastgate. Learn how to shimmy, shake and salsa at this dance workout, improving your rhythm and coordination, while burning off calories. There is absolutely no judgement here, so dance like no one is watching! Zumba is the ultimate fit, fun fitness class, perfect for all ages and abilities.

Find out more about Zumba classes offered at Virgin Active Eastgate here

With the upcoming Catch Me If You Can – Super Women Run in May, kicking off at Eastgate, there’s no better excuse to get into the fitness groove today. 

Are you ready to get moving?

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