Piazza – Snail

Hi, I’m Tinks, the snail who may be slow, but the Piazza at Eastgate is my new home. I invited my friends Siba, the ladybird, and Hopps, the frog, to join me and make this our new home together.

At Eastgate, everyone is welcome, and we really love the planet and all of us who call it home.

We have a recycling drop-off zone.

Recycling means you take material like plastic, metal, paper or glass, and once you are done using it, you keep each one separate, and they are processed into another product.

You can also learn to reuse things instead of throwing them away. You can donate old toys to little children, and empty boxes can be painted and used to keep many of your favourite things.

The best thing is all the people who come to Eastgate care about the environment, and they also say no to plastic bags when they shop.

If you’re wondering how they carry all their shopping, it’s easy, they use cloth bags instead.
Cloth bags are stronger and can be used again and again! But if you really want to see magic happen, come with me to the middle of the Piazza and meet three very special trees.

Kids, please ask your parents to take you to the middle of the Piazza to see our three very special trees.

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