Piazza – Solar Trees

Hi, we are the Piazza Solar-Powered Trees and the sun helps us light up the night.

Tall and towering above the Piazza, at 11-metres high, we are the Piazza Three: we are three best friends, steel-made solar-powered trees and we are kind to the environment.

We absorb – or collect – the energy from the sun and make our own power.
Did you know that energy that comes from nature is safe for the planet and it keeps the air that we breathe clean?

We also provide shade for our friends, Siba, the ladybird, Hopps, the frog, and Tinks, the snail.

But why do they need solar-powered trees at the Piazza?

At Eastgate, we want to do everything we can to ensure our planet is safe and healthy for future generations.

The magic happens at night, after we have collected the energy from the sun, we light up our lights. Call it nature’s magic.

Now that you’ve learnt about solar energy, we think you should have some real fun at our jungle-gym friend Sne that’s shaped like a snake!

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