Zara Commits To 100% Sustainable Fashion

Lead the change, be the change and see the difference with Zara’s new sustainable paper bag initiative at Eastgate Shopping Centre. 

In July 2019, Zara committed to making collections from 100% sustainable fabrics by 2025. The high street label also stated that its portfolio of 7,500 stores would be eco-efficient by the end of 2019, and that it has committed to zero waste in landfills from Zara facilities. 

Currently, only 20% of Zara’s collections are made from sustainable fabrics. To increase this, alongside other sustainable initiatives, Zara brought in a new board of directors, whose task it is to solely focus on developing these future-proofing goals. The board aims for 80% renewable energy consumption at its headquarters, logistics plants and stores by 2025 as well. 

Kicking off their sustainability campaign at Eastgate Shopping Centre in 2020, Zara will no longer provide customers with single-use plastics. Behind the scenes, they will be reusing recycled cardboard shipping boxes up to six times, using recycled plastics internally and the company has started working on a way to re-circulate clothes hangers.

So from now on, each time you shop at Zara for the latest high street fashion, you can expect brown paper bags instead of single-use plastic carriers. It’s the small changes to our lifestyles that truly make an impact, so join the cause at Eastgate and Be the Change!

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